The Retail Crime Uncovered Podcast.

Hosted by Professor Emmeline Taylor, a leading criminologist, and in partnership with Sekura Global, this podcast explores the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in retail crime prevention.

Episode 8:.

This week Emmeline catches up with the immensely knowledgeable Sarah Bird, General Manager of the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS). Sarah tells us about the work that the non-profit organisation does to gather intelligence on serious and networked acquisitive criminals, including the high profile case of Nina Tiara who made £500k through refund frauds.

Episode 7:.

Emmeline talks to Jamie Barnes, Operations Manager at Fresh Start Future Enterprises. After a troubled childhood, Jamie was a prolific offender who was in and out of custody for 12 years. He admits to stealing ‘consistently throughout the day’ to fund his £500 a day drug habit. Jamie outlines how theft is a gateway crime and explains the stolen goods market, amongst lots of other fascinating insights. Jamie now works to support people coming out of prison to transition into a crime-free and productive life. You can find out more about Fresh Start Future Enterprises at

Episode 6:.

In this episode, Emmeline talks to retail crime guru, Professor Adrian Beck, who has over 30 years experience researching and consulting on retail crime, security and loss. In a week that has seen one British supermarket announce it’s giving up on self-service machines (“rather than artificial intelligence, we’re going for actual intelligence”) and the Chairman of Marks and Spencer stating that the middle classes are increasingly stealing when using SCO, Emmeline and Adrian discuss the effectiveness, efficiency and losses associated with self-service across the industry.

Episode 5:.

As part of Respect for Shopworkers Week, Emmeline spoke to employees working in grocery stores across the UK.
They speak frankly about the challenges and impact of prolific shoplifters, violence and abuse that is sadly a reality for many shop staff, particularly those working in city-centre locations. The interviewees bring to life the shoplifting ‘epidemic’, and highlight issues relating to criminal exploitation, the brazen market for stolen goods and, of course, the police response.

Episode 4:.

In Episode 4, Emmeline is talking with retail crime expert Lisa LaBruno, RILA’s Senior Executive Vice President of Retail Operations about a new programme called Vibrant Communities. Lisa also discusses Buy Safe America and the Inform Act – so much to learn from a fountain of USA retail crime knowledge!

Episode 3:.

In this incredibly powerful episode, Emmeline is in conversation with two prolific shop thieves. They talk candidly about their lives and experiences, including their pathways into crime, what they would steal, who they sell on to, experiences of prison and the criminal justice system, as well as their ongoing journey towards rehabilitation.

Meet the host:
Emmeline Taylor

Explore Sekura’s captivating podcast hosted by Emmeline Taylor, highly regarded Professor of Criminology. She has extensive experience across public, private, and academic sectors. One of her key areas of expertise includes retail risk and security & offender behaviors. Currently, she is working on projects to improve retail security, tackle violence towards staff, reduce loss of goods, and prevent criminal damage. Emmeline has published six books, and hosts the “Retail Crime Uncovered” podcast. She frequently appears on national TV and contributes to the government’s National Retail Crime Strategy Group and the Home Office’s Expert Panel for the Commercial Victimization Survey. She also chairs the Business Crime Reduction Partnerships National Standards Board.

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