Sustainable Responsibility.

At Sekura Global our Social, Environmental and Economic pillars balance the demands of the present, with the needs of protecting the future. Because we know that every small change or innovation we make can create a much larger impact. Here are some examples…

1. Social.

At Sekura, our motto is Local Presence, Global Reputation. It’s important to us to be a good neighbour and community member, both locally and globally. We partner with companies whose values are aligned with ours.

The feedback from frontline shop staff from many retailers, we know that we’ve made a vital difference to communities.

“Nothing is more important than protecting our colleagues now and in the future.”

“Since installation, we’ve noticed a decrease in actual theft. The message has gone out to shoplifters that they aren’t worth taking now. When you have spirits on free flow (open sale) this is absolutely priceless.”

“Since we started using these (Koala Tags), the shoplifters realised they can’t get away with the wines and the sales on wines improved!”

“Colleagues are feeling safer now there’s a deterrent to shoplifters.”
– Co Op

2. Economic.

We help retailers save time and save money. We secure high-loss products without detracting from customer sales. So our clients can reinvest the saved money and time to ensure future business stability and growth.

With increasing staff and raw material costs, we take your confidence in us seriously, and we show this by supplying sustainable and innovative solutions that ensure that your staff spend a higher percentage of their time doing what they need to do; interact with the customer, by ensuring that we cut down the staff time on securing products in store.

With raw material costs continually rising, we have in-house research and development teams, who ensure that materials are used in the most efficient and cost effective way for you, whilst ensuring the quality or security of the product is not compromised.

As we support more clients, we’re further developing our dual-sourcing strategy to minimise reliance on one factory or supplier type.

3. Environmental.

Efficiencies and production agendas have been carefully thought through by our sourcing team. So as we develop our products for global retailers, we ensure that all products – both new and existing – have minimal short and long-term waste impact.

Here’s just one example of how we help the environment by saving waste:
Sekura Self-Retracting BoxGripTM…

It’s easier for shop staff to use because it automatically self-retracts. This saves time and saves tangles which saves it from going direct to landfill sites.

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