Mini KoalaTag.

Mini Koala is designed to be impossible to remove by force.


Why settle for less secure methods.

Mini Koala outperforms all other liquor protection device options. Around-the-neck tags do very little to prevent the hardened thief as the contents can still be accessed. The double-lock mechanism means that the tag is secured even before the button is pushed in.

Protect without reducing appeal.
Mini Koala is a great looking product with no compromise to quality or performance. Other options are bulky, cumbersome, and add height to the bottle. Compact, with a clear construction, goes virtually unnoticed to the genuine customer.

Display with confidence.
Tagging a bottle inside the display packaging is a great advantage. It enables tagging at DC, transporting, stacking and displaying. Shelf height is at a premium for retailers

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Simple: one handed application
Safe: creates a safer environment in your stores
Effective: tough construction and designed to drive theft out of stores
Strong: Ultra-tough polycarbonate

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