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Save injury

save time
save money



Sharps-free application – save injury

SlideTag™ is a revolutionary all-in-one security tag

Smooth application first time, every time without exposure to the pin

It’s safer for your staff, your customers and your products

One second application and removal – save time

82% faster than conventional tags and pins

Save time applying, removing, sorting and storing

So your teams have more time to serve customers

The cutting edge of innovation – save money

Sekura® is first-to-market with a fixed one-piece tag of its kind

We have 80 products currently in development

Have the confidence of partnering with a highly innovative company


Safer for staff

SlideTag™ has a self-retracting pin that cannot be accessed by the user

The tag and pin line up perfectly, so there are no sharp injuries, no pins to step on


Safer for customers

Originally, SlideTag™ was designed with customer safety in mind, especially for children

The unique one-piece design prevents pins being left in clothing, minimising hazards


Safer for product

SlideTag™ protects products as it has a fixed magnetic clutch and optional transparent pin housing for greater attaching precision

Plus, the gently-contoured lip and non-serrated pin is smoother on fabric than other solutions


Faster, simpler, safer and protective

Order your free sample of this unique apparel tag

  • Faster: 1-second application: 82% faster lock and release
  • Simpler: single handed apply and remove functionality
  • Safer: Self-retracting pin for zero sharp injuries
  • Protective: Tough construction provides optimum security

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