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Mini Koala Tag

Optimum protection

Once it's on, it's on

Highly effective

With or without EAS systems

Two sizes

Multiple uses

Secures better.

Mini Koala is designed to be impossible to remove by force.

Single handed application, the Mini Koala fits 90% of bottles including Jack Daniels. 

Looks better.

This space saving device adds minimal height to the bottle compared with other tags.

This compact design aids shelf spacing, and also enables tagging inside the display carton.


Why settle for less secure methods.

Mini Koala outperforms all other liquor protection device options.

Around-the-neck tags do very little to prevent the hardened thief as the contents can still be accessed.

The double-lock mechanism means that the tag is secured even before the button is pushed in.

Protect without reducing appeal.

Mini Koala is a great looking product with no compromise to quality or performance.

Other options are bulky, cumbersome, and add height to the bottle

Compact, with a clear construction, goes virtually unnoticed to the genuine customer.

Display with confidence.

Tagging a bottle inside the display packaging is a great advantage.

It enables tagging at DC, transporting, stacking and displaying. 

Shelf height is at a premium for retailers 

Compliance is simple.

Product protection programs have to be all or nothing, otherwise theft is not displaced.  Misapplied tags creates opportunities for thieves.

The Mini Koala is designed to fit a wide range of bottles including Jack Daniels, and its unique single handed push fit application means that it is secured properly every time, no matter who is applying it, or which bottle it is being applied to.

MegaLoc™ – the new frontier in liquor protection

MegaLoc™ is the new, high powered unique magnet from Sekura which provides another level of security altogether. It is a strength of magnet not available on the open market, making every theft pointless to the thief.  Why steal liquor when you can’t drink it or sell it?


Mini Koala Tag & Mini Koala Champagne

Makes loss prevention simple, safe and effective

Click below to receive a sample. We welcome and support risk-free pilots of this product.

  • Simple: one handed application
  • Safe: creates a safer environment in your stores
  • Effective: tough construction and designed to drive theft out of stores

    No endorsement of Sekura solutions has been made by any manufacturers of the display merchandise shown.