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High visibility


Robust solution

in Active Benefit Denial

Fights ORC

The first of its kind

The new, ground-breaking Active Benefit Denial security tag.

The FuzeTag™ has an integrated mechanism that will release a coloured, melted glue that fuzes into the garment’s fabric ONLY when illicitly removed from a store.


A legitimate customer who passes through the early stages of the zones with a tagged item, for example when there is a failure to remove tag, can return back to the store without triggering the FUZETag’s benefit denial mechanism. Only the alarm will sound.

If illicitly removed beyond the agreed zones outside the store, it embeds a glue circle that will be heated and melt into the garment fibres making the tag extremely difficult to remove. Even if successful the clothing will be left with a highly visible, non-removable mark.

A more robust solution in Active Benefit Denial resulting in less ongoing and future theft! A strong deterrent to ORC.

    No endorsement of Sekura solutions has been made by any manufacturers of the display merchandise shown.