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Eyewear Tag™

Power Grip

torque mechanism


try-on friendly


simple, strong

Stop theft.

The worlds most secure designer frame protection device.  In fact, the only one that works. A simple, twist-on, tool free application with patented torque mechanism makes life easy for store teams.

Stop frame damage.

Eyewear Tag™ has cushioned clips that secure the frame, but are impossible to over-tighten, so your eyewear stays undamaged and saleable. It fits tightly to the arm for high security, and yet kind to the product itself.

Stop wasting time.

Eyewear Tag™ is very quick to apply and remove, and will free up your store teams to do more productive tasks. Retail managers can now have peace of mind that designer eyewear can be safely protected by Sekura®


Impossible to overtighten.

Eyewear Tag™ has a unique, patented torque control system with cushioned clips.

Unlike other systems, Eyewear Tag™ is impossible to overtighten.

You just tighten until you hear the ‘click’.

Your eyewear is protected from theft and from damage.

So it stays safe, secure and saleable.

More secure.

Eyewear Tag™ is the most secure eyewear protection solution available.


Eyewear Tag™ is a lightweight, unobtrusive, ultra-compact design.

It gives superior protection for your eyewear.

And gives your customers the freedom to try them and love them.

Eyewear Tag™

The most secure eyewear protection in the world

Request your free sample to find out how simple and effective this Sekura® product really is…

  • Safe: Impossible to overtighten, so no damage to frames
  • Strong: Robust, durable ABS polycarbonate build
  • Quick: It’s fast to apply and release
  • Simple: Twist-until-it-clicks application, no training, no tools, no compliance issues
  • Easy: Available for Standard, Superlock and MegaLoc™ detachers
  • Lightweight: it’s ultra-compact so eyewear is easier to display and try on
  • Compatible: effective with or without existing AM/RF EAS system

    No endorsement of Sekura solutions has been made by any manufacturers of the display merchandise shown.