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Self-Retracting BoxGrip™





No tangles

less plastic waste

Save money…

The Self-Retracting BoxGrip™ is the world’s #1 solution for protecting boxed products in store. Rapid to lock, release and remove, BoxGrip™ is the only effective self-retracting box solution.

…because time equals money. Staff time is at a premium in retail. No tangles, means your associates can focus their time on serving customers.

“One second saved, is a million dollars”
– Large global supermarket chain

SR BoxGrip_UK

Protect from mini to massive

2 sizes fit all. So you can reduce your multiple sizes.
Our Standard BoxGrip™ protects 90% of boxed products. Our XL BoxGrip fits the other 10%, including wide screen TV’s, boilers, and boxed lawnmowers!




1m pull-out


1.9m pull-out

Calculate the savings due to speed of application and removal.

do the math


Order your sample of the unique self-retracting box tag

  • Quick: Rapid application and release
  • Easy: No tangles, cables automatically draw tight around the box
  • Simple: Compatible with standard lock, Superlock and S3 detachers
  • Eco-friendly: Long lasting, replaceable battery, saving waste
  • Strong: Ultra-tough polycarbonate

    No endorsement of Sekura solutions has been made by any manufacturers of the display merchandise shown.