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Adjustable Safers

Open design.


Ultra Tough.

Maximise shelf space efficiency.

Adjustable Safers minimise the need for the retailer to stock different sizes of safer cases and help to maximise shelf space efficiency. The open design enables the customer to ‘touch and feel’ the product but at the same time securing the product.


Adustable Safers

Request your free sample to find out how simple and effective this Sekura® product really is…

  • Open Design: Enables the customer to ‘touch and feel’
  • Ultra Tough: Shatter resistant
  • Compatible: Available in AM or RF Frequency
  • Easy: Available in Standard or  Superlock strength
  • Variation: Available in multiple sizes with ability to hang or stand

    No endorsement of Sekura solutions has been made by any manufacturers of the display merchandise shown.