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MegaLoc™ System


Detacher system


Unauthorised removal

Heavyweight combination

Unrivalled deterrent

Why MegaLoc™?

MegaLoc™ is a unique mega strength magnetic detacher system, not obtainable on the open market.

This system is an option for a number of products throughout the Sekura product range.

MegaLoc™ tags can only be removed by MegaLoc™ detachers.

The detachers are backwards compatible: use MegaLoc Detachers to detach Standard and Superlock tags.

Packs a bigger punch in the fight against rising retail theft.

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Used in conjunction with the Sekura MegaLoc Family of products, this becomes the ultimate heavyweight theft deterrent…

Supermarket Case Study.

Here’s how MegaLoc™ denied benefit, stopped loss, and made one of the leading UK supermarket chain’s staff, genuine customers and the community all feel safer:

This leading supermarket had a significant problem with alcohol theft. So they approached Sekura Global.

During 2020-21, Sekura put MegaLoc™ detachers and Mini Koala Tags into 2,500 of their stores…

This allowed these stores to boost alcohol sales. They could increase its appeal to customers by bringing it from behind the counter, into open sale in the middle of the store.

Thieves don’t tend to worry about alarms when stealing alcohol. They do care if they can’t drink it or resell it. Sekura’s MegaLoc™ Mini Koala Tags creates benefit denial so that the tag cannot be taken off even when they get home.

MegaLoc™ tags are virtually impossible to remove by force. They have a unique magnetic strength property.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate and run a risk-free pilot in a store of your choice to put MegaLoc™ to the test.

MegaLoc™ provides the highest level of product security

  • Not system dependent: virtually impossible to remove by force or common detachers
  • Benefit denial: thieves won’t waste their time stealing product impossible to use
  • Integrate with your current systems: MegaLoc™ detachers will unlock all other magnetic tags
  • Available for a wide range of products:  Sekura® are continually adding to the options available

No endorsement of Sekura solutions has been made by any manufacturers of the display merchandise shown.