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Research & Development

Research & Development

R&D and Innovation is at the core of Sekura’s DNA.  

We continually push the boundaries of knowledge, understanding and innovation. We listen to your Loss Prevention challenges and develop specific security solutions to provide you a quick ROI.

Time matters. Your retail profits are impacted if issues are not resolved rapidly. So we focus on both quality and speed to market. Our agile team reacts fast, works quickly and proposes & validates innovative prototypes with you, before we expedite the production and delivery to you.

Our team of highly skilled engineers in international loss prevention have over 50 years’ combined experience and we have released many solutions to directly impact your bottom line.


The Sekura Global products shown below have innovative features that are protected by the following U.S. patents and/or patent applications, plus their counterparts in other international countries. The Sekura Global products shown here may also be protected by at least one other patent and/or patent applications. Plus, there may be other Sekura Global products not shown below that are also protected by patents and/or patent applications. In addition, products may be protected by other patents that have been issued after the listing was last updated. The products below may be sold on their own, or as part of a combination product. This page is intended to serve notice under in accordance with 35 U.S. Code § 287 (a).