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LynxLoc™ FLEX

New Tethered Component

makes our top solution securer

Accessible. Flexible.

Enhancing customer experience

Multiple applications.

Handbags, power tools,
electrical & more

Tie your losses even further!

The new LynxLoc™ Flex unique innovation giving the highest protection for your merchandise solution. Like the name suggests, this is a secure yet flexible option that allows full ‘touch and feel’ customer experience.


LynxLoc™ FLEX

Request your free sample to find out how simple and effective this Sekura® product really is…

  • Detachable jack: The Alarming Tag is still attached to the product from display point to cash desk.
  • Extra protection: If the tether is cut, the tag whilst still attached to the merchandise will alarm.
  • Security and flexibility: Give you customers the freedom to handle merchandise freely but with an added, higher level of security.

    No endorsement of Sekura solutions has been made by any manufacturers of the display merchandise shown.